How to Build an Paid Traffic + Automated Free Trial for Your B2B Technology, SaaS, or Consulting Business

Variable Value Note
CPM $40.00 Cost per 1000 impressions on Facebook and LinkedIn ranges from $30-40.
CTR 1% A 1-3% CTR can be achieved with the right ad angle and copy, which our process allows you to do.
CPC £4.00 Cost per click should be around $2-$5.
Opt-In Rate 15% An opt-in rate of 15-30% can be achieved using a piece of content/lead magnet that can be created and tested using the B2B Growth Systems framework.
Cost Per Lead £26.67
Free Trial/Lead Conversion Rate 30% Benchmark free trial rate of 5% can be achieved with the right offer.
Cost Per Trial £88.89
Trial Close Rate 15% Benchmark close rate of 15% can be achieved with the right offer.
CPA (Ads) £88.89
Annual Gross Contribution $500.00 This strategy works well for lower ticket offers.
Gross Contribution in 7 Days (if paid monthly) £41.67
ROI (Revenue) -15.63%
ROI (Cash) -92.97%
Payback Period (months) 14.2

Paid Traffic + Automated Free Trial Unit Economics Model


  • Allows you to scale

  • You don't need to hire a sales team

  • You can keep your team small


  • Expensive

  • Hard to tune

  • Slow to set up

When It's Used

  • When you have proven that your free trial offer converts and you have proven a low churn rate

  • When you are scaling up

  • Usually when you can't afford to install an inside sales team because your ticket price is too low

Lead Generation Services

Do It Yourself

Guidance and Mentorship

You access our minds and “steal” our 15-year know-how. You’ll get all the tools, scripts, and training you need to generate leads. All for a modest initial setup fee of $2,000 + $200 per month in software costs.

Why Choose DIY?

  • Cost-Effective: This is a budget-friendly alternative to hiring a full-time Sales Development Representative (SDR).

  • Time-Saving: As a founder or product owner, your time is precious. Our automated system takes care of the initial outreach, freeing you up to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

  • Fearless Prospecting: Automation removes that intimidating factor, especially if you’re a founder with no sales background.

This is ideal for hands-on founders who want to make a big splash in the market… while remaining budget-conscious.

Done With You (DWY)

It’s a partnership where we work side-by-side to build and fine-tune a lead generation system that works. We’ll do the work, and you’ll harness the results.

For a one-time payment of $10,000 or three monthly fees of $4,000, you’ll get:

  • One-on-One Sessions: Personalized guidance tailored to your unique challenges.

  • Sales and Demo Call Support: We’ll be with you during these critical interactions, ensuring you put your best foot forward.

  • 6-Month Free License to Muscle CRM: Our proprietary CRM software will be your command centre for sales and marketing.

  • Full Lead Generation System Installation: We’ll create a complete sales and marketing system customised to your needs.

Why Choose DWY?

  • Expert Guidance: It’s not just about saving money; it’s about making savvy investments. We’ll be your guide, making sure you seize every opportunity.

  • Exclusive Tools: Gain access to our proprietary software, Muscle CRM. Get our seasoned sales team to back you up during those all-important sales and demo calls.

This package is for companies itching to hit the ground running and ready to shake things up in B2B lead generation.

Ready to get hot leads straight to your door?