Just like we did for This Seattle-Based SaaS

And Just like We did For London-Based Incepteo

One day, a logistics company was struggling with expensive tracking solutions through their default TMS provider.  The tracking management vendor provided shipment tracking as an expensive upsell, so the end user enlisted the help of our client to develop a more cost-effective solution. 

Our client developed a more cost-effective lighter alternative to the expensive solution provided by the TMS vendor and also found two other customers who used the solution temporarily and then cancelled. 

Believing that they had a winning product and filled with optimism, In 2021 our client reached out to B2B Growth Systems formerly (Productprofits.co) to investigate product-market fit and help scale the business to its first $1m.

The client also had 2-3 other software products that were “sitting on the bench” and not going anywhere, so the partnership seemed natural. 

B2B Growth Systems (formerly Productprofits.co) provided a comprehensive sales approach, including interviewing the last remaining customer, building the brand, sales and marketing assets, and a comprehensive sales process. 

We also provided a seasoned SDR to cold call and book meetings, whom we supported with email and LinkedIn generation. 

After 8 weeks of strategy and asset building, we were ready to launch and within the first 90 days of prospecting, we attended 25 demos and closed one new customer. 

Unfortunately, the client was only able to attend 5 out of the 25 demos, leaving our assigned SDR unsupported. If we refer to our Product-Market Fit thesis, you will see that we recommend that “The founder of the product or service should be the person to close the initial 1-3 customers. This is imperative because the founders know their product or service better. Initially, they realize the need to wear many hats in their company.”

We did close a new customer for $5k who attended the onboarding call, which the client attended, but surprisingly client requested to re-arrange the onboarding call, during the actual call. The customer was too surprised and decided to cancel the purchase. 

We recorded all 25 demos provided by Productprofits.co, and they serve as a perfect example of


  • Quality lead generation 

  • High-Quality Sales process and Demo Presentation 

  • An example of a repeatable sales process 

  • How to close deals

  • What to do when customers don’t want to buy 

  • How to interview Prospects for Product Market Fit


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